Ventive brings fresh thinking on fresh air to Ecobuild

Innovative Company demonstrates how to improve air quality within the built environment

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Ventive, winners of the Retro Expo Award for Building Services Product Innovation of the year, will demonstrate how its solutions can improve air quality within the built environment, at this year’s Ecobuild. The company, exhibiting at stand N2500, will showcase its Ventive S and S+ products, which improve air quality without the need for additional power, heating, or cooling.

Ventive’s products use a combination of air buoyancy and wind to create a flow of air within the interior of a building. Ventive S is targeted at retro-fits and is designed to fit into existing chimney stacks. Ventive S+ uses integrated duct systems, making it a good option for new builds, or retro-fits for buildings without chimneys.

Ventive was formed to highlight the importance of fresh air and provide a solution for badly ventilated spaces without compromising on energy efficiency. It achieves this goal by enabling ventilation with heat recovery through its patented Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation technology.

“Energy efficiency and safety regulations are a big focus in the built environment at the moment, yet the important issue of clean air is often overlooked. Buildings have energy efficiency ratings, so why not ventilation ratings or measurement?”, says Ventive’s founder, Tom Lipinski.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating how air quality can be improved within buildings in an energy efficient and low cost way, and discussing the benefits this brings to home owners, housing authorities, and installers.”

Not only do Ventive’s products require no energy to run, but they also require minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts.


About Ventive:

Ventive Ltd. was formed around the importance of fresh air. The company’s founder, Tom Lipinski, has a vision that the air we breathe within the built environment can be improved without the need for further power, heating, or cooling. The idea that good design and solution-driven manufacturing will always win out against the alternative is not only core to Ventive, but also forms an integral part of a new era of responsible and sustainable construction. Ventive is quick to install, either as part of a retro-fit programme or new build, with minimum disruption. Working with housing associations, local authorities, and construction firms, Ventive is committed to assisting its partners in every way possible to enable them to achieve better levels of air quality for their clients.

You can read more about Ventive and its products at and follow the company on Twitter

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