Why are social housing providers specifying Ventive PVHR systems?

Over the last few days, there have been quite a lot of questions and requests for information, as to why Social Housing Providers are buying Ventive PVHR systems and what sets us apart?

Ventive PVHR Social Housing

Our Ventive PVHR (Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery) products offer significant benefits to BOTH the occupant and the landlord. For housing providers, installing PVHR into their stock has been a no brainer (lower maintenance costs) and for tenants, their health and wellbeing has increased almost straight-away through the provision of fresh air within the house at all times (and damp, condensation and mould become a thing of the past for them).

Our PVHR is proven to dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality and help eradicate damp and mould. It assists in preventing or mitigating conditions such as Asthma, improving the wellbeing of residents while also reducing responsive maintenance costs associated with Damp and Mould. Since it is free to use (eg. no mechanical or moving parts) the occupant does not face additional bills and is therefore unlikely to disconnect or block the system ensuring uninterrupted and effective operation.

Our products help tenants to retain heating energy due to our patented, passively operated ‘heat exchanger’ and save on their energy bills. Based on post-installation monitoring, the average heat energy savings over a year are over 1,800kWh for a two bedroom house and 2,400kWh for a three bedroom house. Using a standard gas boiler as a heat source, this translates into an annual saving £130 to £180 energy bill reduction (at £0.049 per 1 kWh).

And these benefits don’t stop in the summer! our Ventive PVHR products enables summer cooling (through night-time purge ventilation) achieving in excess of 4 Air Changes per hour in combination with securely opened windows. This prevents gradual build-up of heat which can lead to discomfort, illness or even death during heatwaves.

As our Crowdfunding Campaign gains momentum, it’s questions like these that are arising from interest in our pitch.

Take a look at our Crowdcube page and if you have any questions on our Ventive PVHR products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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