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Whole House Passive Ventilation

Ventive F

Whole House Passive VentilationPassive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR) is driven by two natural forces – Air Buoyancy and Wind. Ventive F naturally removes stale air from every room and supplies fresh, pre-warmed air into the house via a central duct and a supply grill located in the ground floor hallway or communal area.

The large heat exchanger is designed specifically for low airflow resistance and ensures a continuous supply of fresh air with minimum heat loss or the running costs normally associated with ventilation.

Besides the health benefits of fresh air, Ventive F will save up to 4,000kWh of heat and 200kWh of electricity per annum.

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Features & Benefits

  • Free to use no electricity costs
  • Continuous supply of fresh air
  • Up to 90% heat recovery
  • Simple installation
  • No electrical connections
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • No fans or fan related noise
  • No requirement for trickle vents
  • No filters to replace
  • Optional summer bypass
  • Optional night time cooling


  • Ventive F: whole house PVHR system
  • Ventive FB: with additional summer bypass
  • Ventive FB+: with bypass and night time purge

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Download the datasheet for the Ventive F here.