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Ventive C

Ventive C provides dependable natural ventilation with heat recovery at an average rate of 100 litres per second (wind speed of 4m/s). It naturally removes stale air from classrooms, wards or office spaces and supplies fresh, pre-warmed air in return.

The large heat exchanger, designed specifically for low airflow resistance, ensures the continuous supply of fresh air with minimum heat loss during winter and minimum heat gain during the summer.

Besides the health benefits of fresh air, Ventive C will save up to 4,000kWh of heat and 600kWh of electricity when compared with non-conditioned HVAC, and up to an extra 5,000kWh of electricity when displacing Air Conditioning.

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Features & Benefits

  • Free to use no electricity costs
  • Continuous supply of fresh air
  • Up to 82% heat recovery
  • Simple installation
  • No electrical connections
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • No fan related noise
  • Reduced outside noise
  • No requirement for trickle vents
  • No filters to replace
  • Optional manual purge
  • Optional CO2 monitor and automatic purge


  • Ventive C: High capacity 100l/s PVHR system
  • Ventive CP: with manual purge ventilation (up to 200l/s)
  • Ventive CP+: with automatic purge ventilation (>1,500ppm CO2) and manual override, ideal for schools, sport facilities and hospitals
  • Ventive CC: with additional active cooling

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