Problems caused by inadequate ventilation

Problems caused by inadequate ventilation

Property owners and landlords are often unaware of the impact that poor ventilation can have not only on the buildings but also on the health of the occupants. It can cause problems such as damp and mould which can have a detrimental effect upon those that occupy the building. Whilst improvements to properties to make them more energy efficient is higher on the agenda than ever before, it is important that property owners are aware that ventilation and air flow is vital for a healthy home.

There are a number of major issues that can occur as a result of poor ventilation but with education and a greater awareness of the problems, property owners can reduce the impact of these through improved ventilation methods.

Inadequate ventilation is associated with a higher risk of airborne infectious disease transmission, including tuberculosis, as well as the accumulation of indoor pollutants and dampness, which are factors in the development of allergies and asthma.

Occupants need to know how to use their homes in a healthy manner, such as ventilating appropriately, particularly when homes are made more weather tight to save energy. The best way to ensure that a property is healthy, safe and energy efficient is to seal the home from energy leaks whilst incorporating suitable ventilation solutions to ensure that air can move throughout the house at a healthy rate.

Without suitable ventilation, properties can become susceptible to damp and mould which not only affects the fabric of the building but can cause illness to the occupants. To avoid the potential problems arising from poor indoor air quality, we have developed a number of pioneering passive ventilation with heat recovery systems (PVHR) which are suitable for both domestic and commercial concerns.

Ventive solves issues such as condensation, mould, VOCs, mites, fabric deterioration, draughts, heat-loss, Carbon emissions and discomfort factors. Our products enable clients in the new build and retrofit markets to design more airtight building solutions, without increasing power consumption or compromising on indoor air quality.

Ventive is the only totally passive approach to heat recovery ventilation. It is a Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation system that makes the most of a home’s infrastructure (chimneys and chimney breasts), simplifying and reducing installation costs.

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