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IAQPeople can face significant health risks due to repeated exposure to air pollutants in their homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments. Exposure to these pollutants can lead to numerous immediate and long-term health problems. Common pollutants include respirable particles, chemical emissions, mould spores, animal allergens, radon, combustion gases, environmental tobacco smoke and pesticides.

PVHR in action

One such strategy is to install a PVHR (Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery) system – this is a low cost solution that can be easily fitted in both refurbished properties and new-build properties. We are PVHR pioneers and manufacture Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems which are designed to deliver all the fresh air needed within a home, with zero running costs and minimal heat loss.

Ventive products are designed to breathe fresh air into a building either through an existing chimney, where Ventive S replaces the chimney pot with a cowl, or via a new roof penetration and a short flue section with the Ventive S+ variant, if no suitable chimney is available. Both Ventive S and Ventive S+ incorporate the same cassette that features an innovative, patented and incredibly efficient heat exchanger.

Our commercial passive ventilation with heat recovery product, the Ventive C provides dependable natural ventilation with heat recovery at an average rate of 100 litres per second (wind speed of 4m/s). It naturally removes stale air from classrooms, wards or office spaces and supplies fresh, pre-warmed air in return.

The large heat exchanger, designed specifically for low airflow resistance, ensures the continuous supply of fresh air with minimum heat loss during winter and minimum heat gain during the summer. Besides the health benefits of fresh air, Ventive C will save up to 4,000kWh of heat and 600kWh of electricity when compared with non-conditioned HVAC, and up to an extra 5,000kWh of electricity when displacing Air Conditioning.

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