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Disrepair For a variety of reasons, Landlords are facing more disrepair claims brought by their Tenants both within the Magistrates Courts (by way of a criminal prosecution) and/or in the Civil Courts (either by way of defence to rent arrears proceedings or in the form of standalone claims).

But what is leading to these increases?

Despite many landlords conforming to the Decent Homes Standard many years ago, many of these properties have fallen back into states of disrepair.

This can be attributed to cuts in revenues and government grants as well as lack of investment in more energy-efficient technologies for heating, insulation and ventilation – which can prevent homes from slipping back into the poor quality bracket.

Many tenants are struggling to heat their homes adequately and can be reluctant to ventilate (through either window trickle vents or by simply opening a window) properly, which leads to excess moisture which can build up over time.

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